Frequently asked questions

What is GVDM Attorneys?

GVDM Attorneys specialises in debt collecting, through both Legal and Pre-Legal processes.

What does GVDM stand for?

The process we follow is transparent, fair, consumer centric and aimed at finding the balance between our client’s needs and the affordability thereof to the consumer.

What do I do if I have any other queries on my account?

You can call our offices and we will assist you with your query or you can go to the “Contact Us” portion of this website and submit your query electronically.

Why can I not pay directly at the credit provider?

The account was handed over to our offices for collection by the credit provider and we have incurred costs in collecting on the account. If you pay directly at the credit provider you will still be liable for the legal fees owing to our offices.

Will you reduce the instalment if I can no longer afford to pay it?

Yes, you can contact our offices and we will assist you with an application for a reduction on the monthly instalment.

If I pay up my account will you give me the goods purchased (Airtime, furniture?)

No, because the contract was cancelled when you were handed over to our offices and the amounts you are paying are arrear amounts that accrued whilst you were in default.

Why do you charge interest if I pay every month?

You consented to the interest, but the initial contract you concluded with the credit provider also provided that you should pay interest on the account. The interest rate charged by our offices is generally less than the interest rate for which you contracted with the credit provider.

Will I get a discount if I settle the account in one payment?

Yes, we have different settlement discounts depending on the account. You can contact our offices to apply for a discounted settlement amount that will be valid for 5 business days.

Why wasn’t I in court for the emoluments attachment order?

You signed a document consenting to the EAO and as a result of your consent it was not necessary for you to appear in court.

Why do I have to pay legal fees, interest and collection commission?

The account was handed over to attorneys for collection and as a result legal fees were incurred. When you made payment arrangements with our offices you acknowledged liability for the capital, interest, legal fees and collection commission.